Sepals [EP]

by Sepals

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released May 1, 2019

Cristin Heart - Vox, Guitar
Yash Srivastava - Vox, Cello
K Heart - Visual design


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Sepals Boise, Idaho

Sepals is a shoegaze band from Boise, ID, formed in 2018 by Cristin Heart and Yash Srivastava. The band uses layered guitar riffs, ambient cello parts, and atmospheric synths to express and entertain.

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Track Name: Something Else
standing up on their desks
tearing up the final tests
"what will you do with yourselves"
they proclaim "something else"

something else

crawling up the tallest walls
breathing in the viral sprawl
not just drones to be quelled
but dreamers of something else

something else
Track Name: Smudge
i'm smudged
i'm but a shell of what i aspired to be
i'm fucked
i'm just way short of apogee

if i could be surreal
if i could escape from the world
you trapped me in
my ego's here - it's withering

i'm judged
it's such a tragedy that i need it
i'm sucked
up with the narcissist calamity

if i could be them
if i could pretend that it aches no more
you've made a new man
he hurts and he feels everything
Track Name: Chiasmus (I Am Your Projection)
i was what you hated in yourselves
a lone mirror that’s wearing thin itself
the bitterness will eat you up my girls
distended wounds bound to erupt, unfurled

and i can never trust again
my finger’s no longer worn by anything
and i can never become myself
if you’ve destroyed me then you yourself will melt

i was what you savored in yourselves
a beautiful reflection of hell
cerebral cynicism infects your brains
despondent outlooks reference the rain

and you can never love again
your hands are no longer held by anything
and we can never become ourselves
Track Name: Sympathy
oh love
you surround me
yet you elude me
how dare!
oh love
you astound me
still you won’t come to me
and i’m scared

because missing you
is a lot like being lost at sea
waiting for the waves to carry me home
so i hold on tight
to my life ring but it’s hard to breathe
and i know one day i’ll wash up with the
salt and foam

this wild
bare bones
like a child
self discovery
like my body
is my own

with my mouth of sand
i wrap myself up in song
a blanket of words and melody
offer me your hand
and i’ll dive headlong
so deeply into the waves of your

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